Now more than ever it is absolutely critical to have a rich web experience for your customers, not just static text on a page. Internet users have ever escalating expectations about the rich web experience they want you to provide.

Even more critical is marketing and brand recognition via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  Your site should provide a strong link between the product or service you provide and these social networks to engage the online community.

Web Design and Development

At imrlabs web have over 15 years of experience building out custom web sites and web applications.  We can build and design everything from a fully customized solution to piecing together off-the-shelf components to create your web experience for you.

Most of our recent projects have centered around building out sites based on various content management solutions that allow our customers to directly update content and information after we provide our final deliverable.  This enables you to save money in the long run as you don’t need to hire us yet again to make the smallest tweak or change to content.

Social Networks

We can also help you get up and running on all the popular social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.  Whether you just need simple account setup or a fully customized solution we can provide it for you.  We have experience adding social network components directly to web sites and integrating those features right into the various content management solutions.