Disneyland Inside Out Web Site

Web Site: Disneyland Inside Out

Disneyland Inside Out has been online in various forms since 1996.  imrlabs recently had the opportunity to update the site and migrate it to DotNetNuke for content management.  This project also involved creating numerous custom modules that integrated directly with the server work that was completed for the Disneyland Inside Out for iPhone project.

DotNetNuke Migration

imrlabs was responsible for the graphic design and custom skin creation for the new Disneyland Inside Out web site.  This consisted of work in Photoshop, with the subsequent conversion of the graphics to HTML & CSS for the DotNetNuke skin file.  The entire layout is a modern CSS based design.  Content itself is carefully crafted, and also heavily styled through CSS.  This was important in the design as  much of the same information is used between the web site and mobile platforms, as each much provide the user with the experience they are expecting in that respective context.

Custom Module Development

Large components of the new site were heavily based upon a custom tagging and database system developed for the Disneyland Inside Out mobile platform.  imrlabs built the custom modules that interface with this database system to display content to web users.  As backend management component was also built that allows for custom content management of information that displays on both the web site and in the mobile applications.


As part of this project we also provided an overlay on top of DotNetNuke to enhance the search engine optimization of urls and content throughout the site.  Through the use of custom modules and IIS settings, all default DNN urls are masked with more friendly and user readable URLs.  Since the site was also moving domain names, numerous redirect features were also put in place to help encourage the various search engines to update their indexes.  A custom site map module was also developed to take advantage of and provide these updated SEO optimized urls to the search engines.

Social Integration

Disneyland Inside Out also required deep integration with various social networks.  Throughout the site web provided deep integration with Facebook, leveraging their social plug-ins.  Many pages also implement the Facebook Open Graph protocol, to provide users with a rich “Like” experience when liking content on Disneyland Inside Out.  The portal news management component was also built to provide automatic posting of content to Facebook and Twitter.  Twitter posts are automatically shortened to the 140 characters, and links are automatically shortened with bit.ly’s public APIs.