According to the guys at Nielsen who track this stuff, it is estimated that 50% of all cell phone users in the United States will have a smartphone in their hand by the end of 2011.  iOS and Android based devices are 2 of the fastest growing device segments in the mobile market, with each platform activating nearly 300,000 new units per day. The iPad was the best selling consumer electronics device in history.

What are you doing to take your product and online presence to these potential customers?

iOS / iPhone / iPad

We can help you connect with your users on their elegant Apple designed devices.  We have built and shipped Apps in the iTunes store, and know the ropes of development and the do’s and don’ts for the Apple app approval process.  Let us bring your idea to life.


Google’s very strong competitor to the iPhone is also a device to consider when looking to build your custom mobile App.  Though Apple had a slight head start, Google has picked up steam rapidly, and our experience in development for this platform can help you reach even more of your users.