Custom iOS Development

Disneyland Inside Out

At imrlabs we can build a great mobile application for your favorite iOS device.  This includes development for both the iPhone and iPad.

We believe it is important to provide what your users want for the platform they have chosen to use.  Therefore all our work is native iOS development, with interfaces designed specifically for the device you have chosen.  While the branding and basic look will be shared across platforms, the way your users interact with your software should be consistent with the rest of the apps on their device.

We also believe in a strong quality design experience.  Plenty of us have seen useful, but downright horrible looking apps on the market.  You app should be both useful and pleasing to look at.  We work with our graphic designers to build out custom graphics that are not only useful but look amazing as well.

Take a look at the amazing application we built for visitors to Disneyland to see a great example of our work: Disneyland Inside Out for iPhone app.

If you are interested in seeing what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!